B.J. Eick

Creative Lead

Marlene Eick

Client Lead

Callie Wells

Marketing and Production Lead

Josh Vanderzyden

Video Specialist

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Lead with Emotion

B.J. and I really enjoy watching movies. Though we rarely go see a movie in the theater, we made it a point to go see “Interstellar” on the big screen. B.J. had heard great reviews on the cinematography, so we drove to the city to visit one of those cool theaters with the reclining seats, huge screens and fantastic sound. The movie did not disappoint. Let me give you a quick summary. (WARNING! SPOILER ALERT! You might want to skip to paragraph four if you haven’t seen this movie yet.) Our planet is in a very different state in the not so distant future and we can't grow enough food. Matthew McConaughey's character travels into space with some others in search of a new habitable planet for humans. I'd call him an astronaut, but I'm not sure the term still applies when you leave the galaxy. In one scene, he lands on and explores a planet that somehow exists in a different gravity and time-space something-or-other. When he returns to the ship to meet his...


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