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3 Fast Hacks for Beautifully Blurred Backgrounds

Never did I dream I'd be doing a live streaming video with a stuffed pig, but if you tuned in the other night, it certainly happened. Here's the promised blog post from that Facebook Live session.  All images below were taken in Aperture Priority mode on the Nikon D610 using auto for all other settings. The images have been cropped and resized for web use.  B.J. Especially in portraiture, those beautiful blurry backgrounds can really make your subject pop, drawing the viewer’s eyes to the most important part of the image, while eliminating distractions. Here’s how you can get better bokeh with any zoom lens. Hack #1: Aperture The aperture is the opening in the lens which lets light through the lens so it can then travel through the camera body when the shutter opens to land on the sensor. The wider the aperture opening, the thinner the plane of focus, the more blurry the out of focus portion of your image will be. To control the aperture, shoot in Aperture Mode (Nikon A, Canon Av)...


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