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The Power of Storytelling with Janice Person

Listen to the podcast below or on iTunes, and be sure to give us a rating and subscribe on iTunes! Working for one of the largest agricultural businesses in the world might seem like an unlikely career for a fourth generation city girl, but if you’ve ever talked to Janice Person you know it makes perfect sense. At her core, Janice is a storyteller and has built a career telling farmers’ stories and helping them tell their own story. In her current role as online engagement director at Monsanto, Janice uses storytelling to help people in online spaces better understand agriculture. In this episode, Janice discusses the power of storytelling when engaging with consumers, bloggers, foodies and parents alike. Connect with Janice on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Also discussed in this episode: Working with people in a variety of tribes, from agriculture to foodies and more. How she built her personal and professional brand by being the same person online and offline, and not limiting what she shared to the agriculture industry. Encouraging students to...


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