It's in our blood. We know...

...it's a dirty job. (We've probably done it ourselves.)

...how to make a farmer smile. (Even if it's raining, or hasn't rained, or . . . )

...livestock can smell. (And we might too, when we get done.)

...production agriculture terminology. (Did he just say...???)

...that bio-security is important! (Shower in. Shower out. Shower three times at home...)

...how to work with animals. (We've known a whole lotta ol' bulls.)


herd-mark • noun • ´hərd-mark

1. In pedigreed livestock (specifically swine,) the prefix to each animals' registered name unique to and representative of the firm which raised the animal.

Hogs are pretty important to the Eick's.  B.J. and Marlene both grew up on hog farms.  Their families have raised hogs for generations. While livestock may not always be the center of our business, there are many good things in our lives that stem from this family tradition.  Understanding what a herdmark means to a livestock breeder will probably help you understand the way we work.

Within a population, a prominent herdmark shows excellence, influence, and becomes the standing reputation of a given breeder over time. Livestock breeding is an art. As a livestock breeder, your herdmark is the way you sign your work.



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