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Every farmer has a remarkable story with Stacie Seger

Every farmer has a remarkable story with Stacie Seger

The Story of Agriculture Podcast Episode 7: Stacie Seger, Ohio Corn and Wheat Communications Manager.

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It might not be a surprise to you that when the phone rings at Ohio Corn and Wheat, a pleasant voice on the other end of the line answers “Hello, Ohio Corn and Wheat.” What might surprise you, however, is that this office actually serves three separate organizations, all leveraging the expertise of one staff. On this week’s episode of The Story of Agriculture Podcast, we sit down with Stacie Seger, Communications Manager, Ohio Corn and Wheat, and talk about the challenges she’s faced with branding these three groups under one umbrella.

One of the first big tasks Stacie tackled when she began her career was finding a way to more clearly communicate about three organizations and working to build a brand that brought all three under one strategic umbrella of the Ohio Corn and Wheat brand.

“It was challenging. I grew more in my first year in this role than I might have during my four years of college. It was a remarkable opportunity to learn and grow and defend something, challenge the norm and recognize all the different pieces and parts of our organization and how they needed to be updated to fit this new brand.”

With the new branding, a new website was needed. Stacie worked to ensure the website was audience focused. The key to getting this right was understanding exactly who would be utilizing the site.

“This new website is a tool for our farmers, for our agricultural community. So when someone would bring up our consumer outreach brand I would say wait, that can not be at the top tier (of the site navigation). The information shared under that brand needs to be located somewhere else. It is a lot of outlining and figuring out who you are and what message you want to share even before you start designing that website.”

Stacie’s favorite part of her job is working with farmers and she feels challenged to empower them to share the own stories, from their own farms, each day.

“Anyone who has had the great privilege of breaking bread or having a cup of coffee with a farmer knows that they have a remarkable story. And if we can just show them why their story is valuable and allow them to share it in a means that is comfortable for them, I think we can become a stronger industry and alleviate some of those concerns that the general

Connect with Ohio Corn and Wheat on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat - ocnewcrop.

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