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Use shared interests to build an audience with Crystal Blinn




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A collection of observations from our travels, behind-the-scenes stories from our photo and video shoots and thoughts on improving marketing and communications for the agriculture industry.

Use shared interests to build an audience with Crystal Blinn

The Story of Agriculture Podcast: Episode 10 with Crystal Blinn, marketing director at BioZyme.

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When moving from Canada to Kansas for college, Crystal Blinn thought sharing her experiences and interests with friends and family back home on a blog would be a great way to stay connected. While writing about her life and interests she started building an audience beyond her family, an audience that connected with her through blogs about makeup, beauty, turquoise and other shared interests. Crystal also throws in blogs about her passion for farming and cattle. She soon learned that she had built trust with her audience by connecting over shared interests but also sharing little bits of her other passions. Her audience knows if they have questions about where their food came from they knew they could ask the blogger who helped them find their favorite lipstick.

Connecting with people through shared interests on her blog has translated into a career of marketing livestock nutrition products for BioZyme by connecting with their customers where they are with their livestock production. This often means sharing information about parts of showing and production that BioZyme’s products do not address, but they are still challenges that are facing their customers. People build stronger connections to other people and to brands if they are connected through interests and issues close to them.

In this episode of The Story of Agriculture Podcast Crystal discusses how she connects to people through her interests outside of agriculture, and then throws in a little agriculture. She also explains how BioZyme’s marketing strategy online is to have their customers back and help them with production issues, even issues their products do not address.

Other topics discussed include:

    • A beauty swap that led a vegan deciding to no longer be vegan
    • Tips for students on how to handle their own online brand and presence
    • Digital marketing to the show stock industry vs. production industry

Connect with Crystal on her blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Connect with Biozyme and Sure Champ Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Listen to the podcast below, and listen and subscribe to the podcast on iTunes.


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