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Special meet the team episode with B.J. Eick

Special meet the team episode with B.J. Eick

In this episode of The Story of Agriculture Podcast, guest host Lea Kimley, Ohio State student in agricultural communication, interviews Co-Founder and Creative Lead of Herdmark Media, Inc., B.J. Eick.

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A visit to a friend's new ranch and a chance encounter with a wildlife photographer resulted in a watershed moment for B.J. Eick. He had been a photographer himself for years at this point, but as he viewed this individuals work, B.J. realized not just the opportunity to create amazing work, but also the model of execution for building a business around it. As B.J. pulled out of the ranch from his visit he called Marlene immediately. Herdmark Media had been born, and a new path ahead, with the goal of creating exceptional photography and video productions for agricultural brands.

If you want to know more about our guest host, Lea, follow her on Facebook. Oh, and by the way, check out the video she starred in for our client Weaver Leather Livestock.

In this episode Lea and B.J. also discuss:

  • How B.J. got started with photography
  • Why solving problems can be fun
  • The good, and the bad of owning your own company

Listen to the podcast below and be sure to give us a rating and subscribe on iTunes!


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