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Connecting People to Food with Michele Payn

Connecting People to Food with Michele Payn

The Story of Agriculture Podcast: Episode 17 with Michele Payn, owner of Cause Matter Corp.

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A photo of dirty barn boots next to a nice pair of heels is a small image on her website about page, but is a powerful visual representation of Michele Payn’s career.  She is an entrepreneur, author, farmer, mother, innovator and science enthusiast, just to name a few of the shoes she fills. As the founder of Cause Matters Corp., a company that aims to connect people to their food from gate to plate, she works hard to address food myths and connect people to their food. Michele also started the #AgChat and #FoodChat Twitter chats that have developed into international programs, a foundation and thriving online communities.

Listen to our conversation with Michele where she discusses connecting people to their food and the importance of knowing your cause, building community around that cause and serving your community well.

Other topics discussed include:

  • The beginning of #AgChat and #FoodChat
  • Moderating an #AgChat when animal rights activists tried to take over the conversation, and the importance of taking the high road when you receive negative comments.
  • Writing two books, and the difference between self-publishing and working with a publisher.
  • Using personal and human stories to connect people to their food, rather than immediately talking about science.
  • Taking Twitter more seriously after the LA Times picked up her weekly food fact tweets.

Find more info about Michele and her books on her website and connect with her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Listen to the podcast below and be sure to give us a rating and subscribe on iTunes!


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