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Not A Trained Photographer? No Problem.

Every team and brand we work with have someone on that team in charge of taking pictures, and they may not necessarily be a trained photographer. But that's OK because the most important part of capturing those moments is actually being there to witness them. Here are four tips that will help if you are that on staff photographer, and if you're not, pass this on to somebody that is and maybe it will help them out!

1. Keep it sacred. Set aside time to make photography important.
2. Is my camera good enough? Yes. Use it to the best of your ability, then ask for the upgrade.
3. MYTH: You need to shoot in full manual mode to be a good photographer. It's OK to start with automatic and move through the priority values until you've learned how to control your camera.
4. Take command.  Work hard to set up the scenes and capture the images that you really want to capture.


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