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5 Simple Ways to Optimize your Facebook Page

5 Simple Ways to Optimize your Facebook Page

December 29, 2016

When you’re trying to start a new Facebook page, sometimes the smallest change can make a big difference. Adding one button or ensuring one setting is correct might not seem like a big deal, but if it drives just one more person to your website or to “like” your page, it’s worth it. Here are a few very simple ways to optimize your Facebook page.

1.) Have a complete “About” section

If someone comes across your page, likes what they see and wants to know more,  they are first going to look at the “About” section before visiting your website. If there is nothing in your “About” section they will likely move on and the lead is lost. However, if you tell the visitor about yourself, your company or your farm, they are much more likely to want to know even more and click through to your website, or better yet “like” your page or sign up for your emails.

Don’t forget to check in every six months at a minimum to make sure all the information is still up-to-date!


2.) Set up the call-to-action button

Facebook added the option to have a call-to-action button on profiles a couple year ago, but many pages have yet to utilize it. There are button options for nearly any page owners need. We used the “Watch Video” button to link to our demo reel when it is was released, but we also change the button periodically. A recent change to the “Send Email” button led to several new contacts we may not have had that week had we not changed the button. You can set your button to fit your needs, just make sure it’s set up!


3.) Allow followers to message your page

Your page followers can message you directly now using Facebook Messenger, but make sure you have the option turned on! You can turn this on in your page settings under messaging. Also, make sure you are responsive to messages you receive. Facebook rewards pages who are responsive by putting it on your page, letting people know that if they contact you they will get a response.

Extra tip: Downloading Facebook’s “Pages” app to receive messages on your phone or tablet might help you increase responsiveness.


4.) Manage your tabs

The tabs on the left side of your profile can be reordered to better reflect the importance of the information. For example, at Herdmark, we want people to sign up for our emails and to check out our videos so we prioritize those tabs, but you can order yours for your needs!


5.) Always size images correctly

While Facebook does allow you to upload almost any image for a photo post or for a link share, you should resize the images to ensure the best crop appears on the post. All link images should be resized to 1200x628 pixels and photo shares are best when cropped to 1200x900 pixels. You can do this without any photo editing experience using free programs like Canva and Picmonkey.  You can see all of Facebook’s suggested image dimensions here.

Following these five tips is a step in making sure your Facebook page is easy for followers and new fans to learn more about you, navigate your page and connect with you easily.


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