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Crafting Your Story to Change the Way People Feel About Your Brand

Crafting Your Story to Change the Way People Feel About Your Brand

B.J. Eick February 27, 2017

Today more than ever, consumers want to experience the brands they buy. They want to know a brand’s story just as much as they want to know the features and price of a particular product. Your customers want to know what your brand believes in and what you stand for and they want to believe in you.

More than any time in history, your customers are making decisions based on how they feel about your brand.

There are three ways we craft a brand’s story to change the way people feel about a brand. The result is a message that will capture more attention, create stronger connections with your audience and generate more engagement in social media campaigns.

First, focus on the customer’s perspective. If you want to sell them something, you better showcase the world from their point of view. Too often we spend our valuable dollars to propagate messages that are really all about ourselves. Where we are from, our company history, how we manufacture and bring our product to the marketplace, those factors are all important, but they’re far more important to us than to our customers.

Second, consider how you want to impact your customer’s lives. We typically like to invest in new and creative ways to pound our product features and tout our pricing advantages. Great brand messages convey how the brand influences your life, and not necessarily just the part of your life that’s related to the product.

Today, in the United States, time is the number one asset in society. Will our product save time? Then it will change our customer’s life. We strive to understand the goals our customers want to achieve, then tell the story of achieving those goals. We show them what it looks like, not just when they reach the top, but we document the climb as well. Focusing on these stories will demonstrate how our brand influences our customer’s life.

Third, the easiest way to create cultural buy-in is by demonstrating a shared value. What do we believe together? What can we achieve together? What is the higher purpose of being involved in this industry or field? Why do we do what we do? And when I say we, I don’t mean your brand, I mean your brand, in stride your customers. What is it that we both agree upon?

Shared values are the foundation of every relationship. Relationships work because two parties agree on a direction and establish a value exchange they believe to be fair. If we need to form stronger relationships, which is something we all need, then we focus on the values we share with our customers in order to begin building those relationships. When we make it clear that we share a belief and value structure with our customer, we’ve laid the foundation to develop a deep and meaningful connection between our customer and our brand.

Creating more engaging content, better ads and better communications begins here; focus on your customer’s perspective, demonstrate how you will impact their life and build a relationship on shared values.

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